FPE was the incumbent environmental monitoring specialist for ICC’s DLMP, having undertaken regular scheduled monitoring at 13 listed sites, including the 12 historical/closed landfills and one transfer station over an initial two year period (2019-2020 and 2020-2021) and third one-year period (2021-2022). FPE were again successful in securing an additional 3 year contract in 2022 to undertake environmental monitoring of closed landfill sites to help meet Council’s responsibility for General Environmental Duty (“GED”) of Care under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.


Ipswich City Council

start date:



2 + 1 + 3 years


Ipswich, QLD

Our Role

The client requires the following scheduled environmental monitoring:

  • Quarterly groundwater quality monitoring;
  • Quarterly surface water quality monitoring;
  • Monthly landfill gas monitoring;
  • Monthly leachate monitoring; and
  • Management of a results database, data analysis and completion of technical compliance reports on a bi-monthly and annual basis.

Rainfall-event triggered monitoring is also required at several sites.