Our Team at FPE have a range of calibrated and maintained equipment available to ensure we can successfully deliver on your requested services.

Our equipment is also available for hire. Please contact us if you are interested in hiring our equipment.

Water Quality

  • In-survey research Vessel
  • TPS 90 FLT Field Water Quality Meter
  • FPE 50 Series Estuary Monitoring Station
  • SediMeter Logger
  • Telemetry Buoy System
  • Remote Telemetry Water Quality Systems
  • Remote Telemetry Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Freshwater Monitoring Buoys
  • Ocean Monitoring Buoys
  • Port Monitoring Buoys
  • Insitu Water Quality Loggers
  • Deposition Sensors
  • Monsoon Low Flow Pumps
  • Light and Sensitivity Sensors
  • PAR Sensors
  • Palintest Photometer 7500


  • RECONYX and Browning infrared, motion sensing cameras
  • Aquatic Fish Salvage Equipment – Fyke and seine nets, cathedral traps
  • Wildlife Acoustics SM3BAT Songmeters
  • Titley Scientific Chorus Passive Detectors (bats, birds, frogs)
  • Pitfall/funnel trap driftlines
  • Elliott and wire cage trapping equipment
  • Harp traps

Environmental monitoring

  • QED Environmental Systems GA5000
  • RKI Instruments Eagle 2 Gas meters
  • Van Dorn Sampler
  • Light and Sensitivity Sensors
  • Remote Telemetry Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Deposition Sensors
  • DJI Mavic Drone